About Us

Company's description

Leading suppliers of Chemicals and Raw Materials to an extensive range of industries for over 30 years.

Important Activites

Our company purchases raw materials and associated products from leading suppliers around the globe and sells them to clients in Israel in

a wide range of industries including the Chemical Industry, Paper Industry and the Plastics Industry.

Supply is from stock or directly from the port,  placing emphasis on prompt supply and full service rendered to our clients.

Dormex are the exclusive representatives of her various suppliers.


Our company purchases chemicals in Israel, Turkey and other countries and sells them to clients in Turkey and East Asia.



Our company represents some of the leading producers in the chemicals, plastics and paper industries.

Amongst others, our company represents UPM, Eti Soda, CMMP, Lotte, Hankuck, Polycasa, Tolsa, Kemira, Akkim, Industrial Solvents, Aloca, and others.